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Renee Damiani makes colourful jewellery and accessories. Her playful plastic tubing and bubble creations are filled with fun and quirkiness. Her jewellery style is bold, original and fun which makes her instantly recognisable and a collectable favourite.

Her original and bold statement Jewellery is made from a combination of unique materials and techniques developed by Renee in her studio in Adelaide, South Australia. Each piece is individually created from a mix of hand dyed plastic tubing, PVC, Acrylic, plastic bubbles, polymer clay with semi precious metals. The plastic tubing is hand dyed to carefully selected colours created by the artist and is constructed in an array of colour-ways and styles.

All Jewellery is designed and handmade by in Adelaide, South Australia.

"I want people who wear my products to feel colourful and happy and make a bold statement with their outfit"

"I hope you enjoy wearing my designs as much as I enjoyed creating them."

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Keep Colourful! xx


All designs and creations are original limited edition hand made, sketched, developed by Renee in her studio workshop in Adelaide south Australia.

Renee Damiani started in 2005 when she discovered her love of colourful dyed plastic and wearable art. Renee has always been creating and illustrating designs in her journals and tinkering away creating things since she was a child.

With the amalgamation of years of study and perfecting and tinkering away in her studio she has created a range that truly reflects her style.

After studying at a Bachelor of visual arts in Jewellery and having developed her style during her tenancy at the Jamfactory in Adelaide. Renee launched her collection of colourful jewellery and accessories. In 2012 her works were represented by the prestigious pieces of eight gallery in Melbourne she began to evolve toward creating a collection that blended art and fashion.

Her bold colourful and fun pieces are unique and instantly recognizable to her style. Her playful character and nature is expressed through her pieces. 

Renees Bold hero statement pieces are unique and timeless. Her imaginary dreamscape worlds are an exploration of where underwater landscapes meet candy-land.

Since 2013 Renees jewellery has migrated towards to fashion scene and has featured in a number of fashion editorials, magazines and blogs including oyster, Marie Claire (Front cover and feature Photoshoot), Yen, Susie bubble blog. 1am mag, fashion journal magazine.

Renee is continually carefully crafting and creating new collections of limited edition jewellery and accessories in her studio in Adelaide.